Richard Marlow initiated an experimental project to develop a one-off Ultima-based electric vehicle, dubbed the Ultima Prototype EV.

In collaboration with PES Design & Developments and renowned specialist sports car builder, Steve Smith, the Prototype EV was developed to the same leading performance capabilities that have become synonymous with the Ultima Sports badge in recent decades.

Ultima has now concluded that it will not enter production with an EV, especially with the recently announced news of internal combustion engine rules being gradually relaxed in multiple countries for low-volume car producers.

This ‘one-of-a-kind’ Prototype EV was a very interesting and enjoyable engineering R&D exercise that has provided Ultima Sports Ltd with invaluable real-world data and feedback.

Ultima Prototype EV Specification

2004 world records

0 > 60 mph

2.1 seconds

2004 world records

0 > 100 mph

4.6 seconds

2004 world records

Braking 100 mph > 0

3.1 seconds

2004 world records




DMSO Tesla LDU with custom machined twin cooling loops and extensive remapping, allowing over 19,000rpm and 680bhp at the wheels. This is complemented with a Quaife ATB differential.


24Kwh quick change battery pack is ultra-light, but punchy enough to allow the motor to thrive and give around 100miles of range. Battery pack can be swapped within 30 minutes to save waiting for charging.