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Richard Marlow – British-born businessman and supercar producer.

Marlow is the joint founder of renowned British sports car manufacturer, Ultima Sports Ltd. Established in 1992, Ultima Sports is best known for its series of Le Mans-inspired supercars (namely the Ultima GTR, Ultima Evolution and Ultima RS) – undoubtedly some of the most thrilling and high-performing road-going vehicles to be sold in recent decades.

It was between the years of 2004 and 2009 that Marlow really made his stamp on the global automotive stage, focusing his business’ marketing efforts around acquiring multiple world speed records for production road cars. With every record broken, Marlow also acted as the driver of the Ultima GTR supercar in question.

Marlow’s initial company goal was a clear one: to produce a bespoke British road-going supercar that was available internationally, capable of being faster than any other road car available whilst commanding a relatively straightforward form of construction – enabling customers with no previous experience to build their very own supercar if they wished.

Since attaining the role of CEO, Richard Marlow’s Ultima Sports Ltd has sold its Le Mans-inspired vehicles into over 70 different countries and served thousands of happy customers, with Marlow observing that many clients go on to purchase more than one Ultima vehicle, becoming proud brand ambassadors and providing an accurate indicator of the company’s success.

The very latest Ultima models – the Evolution and the RS – have been a phenomenal global success story, propelling the brand forwards and allowing Ultima Sports Ltd to become widely recognized as one of the most successful British independent hand-built sports car manufacturers of all time.

Rich marlow of Ultima Sports

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I’m in love with the Ultima; it’s a truly timeless supercar and is so much fun to drive and savour. This passion for the product is ingrained into me and I definitely have my dream job in every respect.

World Records

2004 world records

0 > 100 mph > 0

Ultima GTR640

10.3 seconds

2005 world records

0 > 100 mph > 0

Ultima GTR685

9.8 seconds

2006 world records

0 > 100 mph > 0

Ultima GTR720

9.4 seconds


Richard Marlow has sold a number of different prototype custom vehicle builds over the past two decades to his global clients, some of whom are sports car manufacturers themselves and others being serial supercar collectors in search of a bespoke car build tailored to their wishes. These projects are frequently bound by non-disclosure agreements upon client request.

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Rich marlow of Ultima Sports